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Jun 6, 2014

Jay Alvarrez just saw my snapchat😁😁

Me in a pic
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Me in a pic

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Nov 16, 2013
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ayoub hussien passed away today. my favorite kuwaiti artist. i’m not just fangirling but i can just sit and look at his paintings forever. forever. forever. and ever. 

he was amazing. his work was beautiful and amazing. 

he told me (or someone i was next to/i dont remember) he painted them from memory. not pictures. and if you see the paintings you’ll understand. how. how. and i just look at this paintings and think how did he think of that how did he paint that. that light. those legs. that texture of the wood. amazing paintings. he talked about the open field paintings or the back of his house. 

ohdearGod. allah yr7ama. his work was amazing

and now you know how it feels to leave a part of history/be a part of history, now i feel like we lost a chunk to history and the rest won’t be a part of what he was. allah yr7ama inshallah. 

every time i see his paintings i feel like a loss or i dontknowwhat and his paintings are everywhere in our house

his wife passed away before him and i’m sure that was tiring and he was sick too. it’s just

there’s so much more i want to write but i don’t know what to write. allah yr7ama

Took me 5 different times to figure out how to print back to back. Got it now. Yeah man!
Feb 14, 2013

Took me 5 different times to figure out how to print back to back. Got it now. Yeah man!

Jan 27, 2013

As long as u’re surrounded by people u’re going to be doubting urself, ur ability, u’re gonna forget urself, u’re gonna be shaken, u’re gonna think u’re as behind as everyone else, u’re gonna be feeling down. But u have to remember u have to remind urself it’s a bunch of BS u’ve been thro all this u have to remind urself of ur strength and what other ppl are just going thro, u’ve been through ages ago. Whether it’s life/design/projects/death/dance/writing/working/grading/playing. And u have to remind urself u’re strong enough. B/c as long as u’re surrounded by people, no matter how good they are you will forget how farther ahead and stronger u are and that u can do this. U have to remind urself. It’s not as crazy and tough as everyone makes it to be u’ve got experience just remember that

Jan 2, 2013
Fahad Al Hunaif-Design Hero 4

I’m in love with his work. In love. But it was difficult to find information about him, his last photo update on Flickr was in 2011. I’m so enchanted and attracted to his photography.

Fahad Al-Hunaif is a local Kuwaiti. He was interested in art and photography since his youth, but went on to study accounting in Miami as he got older. However, he also did visual arts as a minor along with accounting. In 2009 He called himself an aspiring photographer. In his interview he says he sees things differently than other people and I think that is very evident in his work. He thinks that all people see things differently and that’s what make all people or artists or designers different, the eye.

He started out by collecting images and creating collages of almost everything; clothes, cans, pictures, magazines, before taking on photography. It makes a person wonder whether his “eye” developed from there, with the combination of different elements in a piece, it might’ve helped with photography later on. He started taking pictures when got a Canon camera and fell in love with photography and his camera.
Magical, sometimes nostalgic, very bokeh like light and fly like sense like you’re high and light.

You’ll most likely find Fahad Al-Hunaif snapping away with his camera, since that’s where he finds his “comfort zone.” He proclaims himself a beginner and is eagerly learning and experiencing the wonders that the world of photography bring. Fahad hopes to exhibit his work someday in the near future.
As for his work, his photographs are of a magical sense, they are very well composed, everything seems perfect and when you read the caption, everything falls in together a bit more. He knows that his photos shows people a side they didn’t see before and what he enjoys experessing his own emotions through photography which I think come through or make the photographs even more special. He has said that he gets inspired very fast and quickly, his shots are inspired, they’re are different though, his very own style, and throughout time he has been devleoping it. I wonder if he still is inspired right now or has lost his fire because I have not seen updates since 2011.

I chose him as a design hero because of the beauty he portrays, the beauty he sees and also captures to show us. His work is pure magic and I can revisit it again and again and never get bored. You can’t stop looking at it. Although it might be simple, it’s all so beautiful, there’s something about it that attracts the audience. I praise it a lot but just looking at the work makes you want to see more. I wish my work would move people like that but I think there are only a really few amount of people who have the power to do that. It’s just so attractive and enchanting and mesmerizing you can’t keep your eyes off it and your eyes crave and hunger for more.
After researchign him and finding that information it is also interesting to see that that’s what he thinks he shows and has, a different eye than everyone else.
Dec 31, 2012

i’m struggling on my layout going back and forth between four columns and three column grids.. still not sure what i want. searching for examples.

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we’re at the very end of 2012 and no one has found a way to fix a hard disc failure??

or a way to have back up that doesn’t require us humans to say yes or no to back up??

laptops especially Apple products cost a lot and they keep having problems, with being slow and crashing and getting broken, while my lenovo PC has been here for years and built a life and is still functioning well. what is up with that!

the technology should be pushing us forward but all its problems keep hauling us back.

yes we are lazy, we need things to be smart. we expect them to work. they should work. a phone shouldn’t heat up and be called a flight risk and compared to a bomb (iPhone, this summer, i laughed in the woman’s face) and a laptop shouldn’t be slow and have a hard drive crash where everything’s gone (i didn’t back up.. too lazy or didn’t think about it.. and come on what are the odds! it was JUST functioning) less than a year after purchase. i don’t care about the laptop, i want my PICTURES.

we need things fast and just do the work and the back up work without us humans having to do it and not prone to getting ruined we have much better things to do and we don’t speak computer.

future plans.

Dec 28, 2012

i like to think of myself as a hurricane

paint strokes also relate to it inside of me release it. calm eye of the hurricane depressed quiet. outside loud effect everyone

Dec 18, 2012

Anwar Behbehani

Final Project

Goal:  A deeper involvement of the student in the concrete illustration of an abstract thought using a conscious creative photographic process, from initial idea to concept, resolution and presentation. 


1. Read and consider your handout, “The Classic Approach.” Write one paragraph describing the difference between the classic approach and the approach to taking photos that you practiced before taking this class.

In class we worked with first learning how light falls on subjects, then taking portraits of people with their environment, then coming up with a concept or theme and showing it with our photographs, then we had a fun creative project. In all those projects, we were building up working with light and composition and what’s important to keep in the picture and what isn’t essential to have. Then we moved on to implementing those elements in the last two more creative projects.  The classic handout talks more about being direct with what the concept is, each photo by itself should tell the story directly. What I thought when I was reading this was of a photograph of a person shooting another with a gun. So instead of capturing ideas like we did in the last two projects or seeing how light falls, the focus here is on showing the idea directly, very straight to the point using light and composition. It talks about environment and its influence on the photo with lighting, and layout and hierarchy and scale so that the image is direct and clear and framing it precise so that the subject important to the photo is obvious the viewer. It talks mainly about framing, use of light and the relationship between the two so that visual elements and concept will come together to show the idea directly in one photo.

2 Consider this quote: “Pictures could not be accessories to the story — evidence — they had to contain the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one frame.” ― Tatjana Soli, The Lotus Eaters. Write one paragraph describing what this means—and another paragraph telling how this quote relates to the content of your photographs.

It means there shouldn’t be a story and then a photograph aiding it, so there shouldn’t be a million words and then a photograph just decorating or adding to spice up the story, but instead, the photograph itself tells the million words. That would be the best picture, one that contained the whole story from start to end. The best picture tells everything, environment wise, emotion wise, the whole whole story and not just a segment or one emotion. So again, this quote, as the other one, strains on the point of the photograph having to be very direct and telling the idea and concept very clearly but focuses more on storytelling in a picture. It’s like saying instead of a whole movie (different frames) telling a story, the best of the best is one image that portrays the whole story.

For this quote, I feel like with our photographs we’ve taken so far, we have been trying to tell a story but I think we’re (I’m) not there yet, at the strength of the quote. I think I’m on my way, especially with the urban portraiture, I remember a shot I took of my dad in his office which I think tells the whole story and fits the concept, I think that was my strongest one fitting to this quote. But for this project, I should be more direct and clear, I want to tell contain the whole war of my topic in one frame! I think on the other photographs I took, especially in the beginning and on the still life, we focused more on technicality and composition, but this is talking more about delivering the message as we’re doing with later projects.

3. Consider this quote: “Through photography and image I have been afforded the privilege of sharing the stories and myths of people’s lives with others. The process for me became self-revelatory. It was a process of soul-making, something all humans are engaged in, no matter their endeavor. I saw a part of myself in each person I photographed. I came to realize, through the alchemical process of living, that each life is important, no matter how little that life seems to offer.” ― J. Don Cook, Shooting from the Hip: Photographs and Essays. Write one paragraph describing what the writer means by “a process of soul-making.” Write another paragraph describing how this can relate to your own photography.

I think he means soul making for both his subjects and himself, he found a new appreciation for people and their lives, and understood different people more, I believe. And along the way, I think, what he means in that phrase is that as he took photos of other people, he found himself too. So he made discoveries of himself along the way whether it is about his ideas or thoughts or opinions or self, he just discovered himself along the way.
This can relate to my own photography in the in how I see the world, taking my thinking from surface level to the next level, digging deeper. Just like I did with urban portraiture, I chose certain people because I thought really well of them but didn’t know why, but as I thought through the pictures and went on to take the photographs, I learned more about the people I took photographs of. I understood why I chose these subjects. An example would be the Indian woman, Sheila, which as I photographed her, I thought she has flower soul, so beautiful, and now this stuck to me every time I think of her. I think that’s part of the soul-making he’s talking about. However, I believe it’s too early to discover myself along the way but for my own process of soul-making, I’m still in discovery mode, I’m not at the end of this part of soul making yet.

4. Consider this quote: “He owned an expensive camera that required thought before you pressed the shutter, and I quickly became his favorite subject, round-faced, missing teeth, my thick bangs in need of a trim. They are still the pictures of myself I like best, for they convey that confidence of youth I no longer possess, especially in front of a camera.” ― Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth. Write one paragraph describing why it is important that the camera “required thought before you pressed the shutter.” Write another paragraph describing the process of thought you use before pressing the shutter when you take a photograph. Write another paragaphy describing how this affects your photographs.

Through the course, I learned if you didn’t really SEE and think what you were going to photograph, you won’t stop taking pictures of the same thing over and over again to get the perfect angle, you would be lost. It is important because when you think, revelations occur and discoveries. You will get a new found sense of direction and would’ve gotten deeper into your idea or concept. You will take your thoughts to the next level when you think and it feels really good. Also she brought up the idea of an “expensive” camera. When you endorse in something expensive, there’s money you spent time and effort to raise that will be used to pay for the product. So when you buy one, you want to make sure you throw yourself in it fully and make use of it and produce something great, especially if it’s expensive like a camera or printer. So to do so, to not waste paper, time, memory space, you spend time to THINK through what you want to develop from these products.

In my process of thought through university years, I have come to learn that I start by being all over the place, having thousands of ideas; I don’t work with structure. Teachers have found this in me too, and described the system I think through to me, and have told me it is okay to go through this. It is a differnet way of process but is a way of process thinking, and they accept it because they see results. After I’m all over the place, I have to choose one concept for the sake of moving forward with the assignment at hand. In the case of photography, I start doodling, sketching, writing all these different things and ideas, wherever I am at the time to start framing the concept. After that I think about the subject and enviroment and what image I would like to come up with on camera. Rarely do I get the final images how I imagined them in my head, and that’s what I’m struggling with, and am still in search of discovering bringing what’s inside my head out but that is my process of thought before pressing the shutter.

It affects my photography in a way of giving me direction. So instead of being all over the place, I have my idea or concept and all that’s left to do is find things and capture them in my camera instead of capturing things and trying to find something when I don’t know what I’m looking for. So it basically gives a sense of direction for my photographs and concept and helps me in laying out the picture and composing it.

5. Consider this quote: “Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can. The revelation, if it comes at all, will come in a small fraction of a second with an unconscious gesture, a gleam of the eye, a brief lifting of the mask that all humans wear to conceal their innermost selves from the world. In that fleeting interval of opportunity the photographer must act or lose his prize.” Yousuf Karsh, Portrait Photographer (1908-2002). Write one paragraph describing how the secret hidden is not just for people, and how it might also be unmasked in inanimate objects.

I think about deers frozen when they hear a sound, and what an image that would be. Or secrets inside animals, how there’s love between a male and female lion, and protection, and those small yet most important and touching things that aren’t always exposed to the world. As for inanimate objects, maybe it’s by the situation they’re in that leaves a mark of the people? For example, an unmade bed with the blankets swirled in black and white give a sense of silence and peace, for some reason, that will show a secret hidden or portray a feeling of quiet and silence and beauty. Or like my project for the city, I focused on cracks and textures in modern life to reperesent my concept of a city according the quote. The textures and pictures conveyed emotions and secrets of the city one usually doesn’t notice and I think that can relate to this.

6. All of the above readings are aimed at not only changing the way you view your photography, but at making it more personal (and therefore, more meaningful to you), more professional, and more universal (more meaningful to others). Technical expertise in using your camera, controlling it rather than it controlling you, is very important, but basic. As we have discussed, once you have control of your camera, you must assume control of your subject matter, of your environment (lighting and composition), of your content (what your work is about), and of your goals for your work—you must have a goal for your work in mind.

7. Considering the above quotes and your writings, define your worldview or major concerns. Make sure that you know what the overall content of your work is—what is your main concern? We have talked about this all semester, really focus on what you want to make your work about. Submit your photographer’s statement based on this proposed content.

My major concerns:

-Main concern is people reigning terror on others, the world and ground isn’t ours. The sense of “MINE MINE” and all the fights that erupt because of it are both unnecessary, the world is for everyone. We already face sadness due to natural disasters, why do some people insist on creating sadness by unnecessary war. As I was reading the quotes, I kept thinking of how this would be a great idea to explore for this project and these quotes. I have explored this idea multiple times in different ways and never get bored of it, I’m so passionate about it. It would be interesting to see results in this form and stretching the idea to the next level.

-Another idea I have been wanting to explore for a while is the idea of self confidence or esteem and how lacking it is in today’s community in Kuwait. The layers of make up and the hundreds of KDs covering their face and spent on trends of the moment shows a lack of personality and self confidence. They’re not confident enough in theirselves to be strong enough to think of what THEY like, not others. Some try to start trends only to start a trend and that’s become the race with this community, finding the “thing” to start a trend and I think that’s really sad. I think we should be better than this and that this is a crappy situation for Kuwait. The youth are wasting their lives and time and are like goo, shaping to be whatever different people want them to be, not having their own personality. So the focus here will be self confidence and self esteem and seeing different ways to show that using photography. I was thinking of doing an “everyday” face/look vs. the “real look” where I would ask girls to pose for me with and without all that makeup and crazy clothes and show the beauty in each. This will be so difficult though, because the girls will not want to do it. I know this because I have some tell me “I WISH I can leave the house like that but I really can’t” about me, which is an insult but at the same time a compliment because it means I’m at peace with my natural self and embrace it, they have a hard time doing that though and to me I think it shows with all the makeup and crazy clothes that can be seen paraded around Kuwait on a daily basis. Some of my closest friends are the most beautiful people, but they don’t see it, and hate seeing their faces because they don’t want to see how they look. This issue concerns me because it influences the future of Kuwait and Kuwait’s situation at the moment and I think we should be better.

-My third idea would be showing how I see Kuwait using portraits, group portraits; showing the idea of Kuwait through my eyes. My concern is people not seeing Kuwait as a good country or place to be. SO many people complain when actually, Kuwait is one of the best places to be. I want people to be proud of their selves and society and see the reality and stop trying to advertise other views. Of course it has its negatives, but every place in the world is both good and bad, but because the world has gotten more global and many are getting westernized, the community views Kuwait as behind and strict and very narrow-minded like. But I think what I have to offer the world, what makes me special is the way I see it, that’s the only good thing about me that I have to offer the world. So I would like to spread the beauty I feel and see of my country amongst people living it. I want to spread this inner light I have towards it and try to lighten up the whole country and its people. We are so so so so fortunate and lucky with our lives here but for some reason people keep complaining and I think that’s because they keep comparing to other countries but they don’t see the good in theirs. The project isn’t about being national and pushing your country but it’s about not being ashamed of it. It will be a project of beauty and trying to spread it in the world, specifically Kuwait. I believe if we spread beauty, if that’s all we see, people will want to try to get better and better. If you don’t give attention to the wrong people, the bad people, the bad ideas will slowly die, I think and more beauty can be shown in this world. I want people to see Kuwait through my eyes; actually, more through my mind actually because the way I see it in my mind as I realized through the urban landscape project is not the reality but a exaggerated magical view I have of it and I would like to share that with the world so they see it too, especially people living in Kuwait. If I go forward with this project it will show the kindness, the love, the happiness, the fortune, the luck we have in being Kuwaitis or living in Kuwait.

I’m in between those three ideas and I think I will have to explore them quickly soon enough to see which to move forward with.

Either way, my photographer statement would be this:

Anwar Behbehani is a visionary and lives inside her head. She believes the reality is the world is messed up, it’s hurt, let down, and torn apart. But all it really needs is a big plaster and a whole lot of love. Her work pulls out the enchanted world she visualizes and brings a hopeful cheery perspective on the messy world. 

My table in twitter’s “cinematic” effect. This is basically making us rethink the square. I’m loving how everything’s turning into edit mode! Now when can we have italics for fonts in our phones?:D
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My table in twitter’s “cinematic” effect. This is basically making us rethink the square. I’m loving how everything’s turning into edit mode! Now when can we have italics for fonts in our phones?:D

Acrylic, board marker, and nailpolish… Thinking of table of contents or intro page of my process book
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Acrylic, board marker, and nailpolish… Thinking of table of contents or intro page of my process book

Dec 13, 2012

animation for logo with corporate identity

2 different videos, break in break out, what’s next, wha’ts coming up

2 videos, choose their own programs (tv show needs to have its own shows)

don’t include real videos

cc mercury

Trying to see if i still got it
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Trying to see if i still got it